Steve Rosenthal at The Bulfinch Church

On July 30th, the Bulfinch Fund had arranged for the wonderful, reknown photographer Steve Rosenthal to come out and photograph the First Church in Lancaster, MA. Steve does large format photography and a few years ago completed a book on New England Historic Churches called White on White. Martha, the Bulfinch Fund’s Executive Director, was lucky enough to catch his exhibit at Suffolk University this past Spring and it was just stunning! Steve knew of the Bulfinch Church but had never seen it in person. I think the fact that he jumped out of his car, leaving the car in the middle of the road in front of the Town Hall so he could set up his equipment and start shooting,  was a good indication that Bulfinch’s masterpiece still moves us all. Steve has recorded a wonderful video of the churches that he has filmed and talks about the importance of these buildings to early America and its people. The Bulfinch Fund hopes to have  Steve return for a lecture sometime this fall or early in 2013.  It is really quite an honor to have someone of his calibur here at First Church in Lancaster.  It was a perfect New Enland summer day in all aspects!

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About The Bulfinch Fund

The Bulfinch Fund, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation of “The Bulfinch Church” – The Fifth Meeting House, a designated National Historic Landmark standing in Lancaster, Massachusetts since 1816. The Fund’s objectives are to develop resources for the preservation and restoration of this building and to foster recognition of the significance of the 19th century American architect, Charles Bulfinch, through tours and other educational programs, events and publications. The Bulfinch Fund, Inc. is legally separate from any church-related assembly.
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