If You Like History – You Will Love This Event!

The Bulfinch Fund Kicks Off Its 4th Season of Fundraising & Events

The Bulfinch Fund has for the last four years focused on two things – raising funds to restore the National Historic Landmark known as the Bulfinch Church and educating people about preservation, history, and architecture.

The Fund has completed the restoration of Lancaster’s landmark Church from the weather vane to the top of the portico. We have great hopes in being able to raise the necessary funds to complete the restoration of the sanctuary by the time of the building’s 200th anniversary in 2016.

This year’s educational events will focus on the importance of preserving our history and the tangible things, like the magnificent Bulfinch church, that cause us to reflect on where we began and the journeys that have made us who we are today as individuals but also as a nation.

An author that speaks very eloquently about this is Howard Mansfield. Howard Mansfield has written, edited and contributed to over a dozen books about history, preservation and architecture. He writes of the importance of restoring old ways of doing things to “import some of the things we are losing daily: silence, repose, memory,” and “make time for being here – not online, not rushing to do everything.” He shows us artifacts— a stone wall, a refurbished ax, a railroad timetable— and translates for us the historical, architectural, and philosophical notions contain therein. All of his books are emotionally and intellectually nourishing,” said the writer and critic Guy Davenport. “He is something like a cultural psychologist along with being a first-class cultural historian. He is humane, witty, bright-minded, and rigorously intelligent. His deep subject is Time: how we deal with it and how it deals with us.”

Please join the Bulfinch Fund for a talk by Howard Mansfield on
December 2, 2012  3 pm
The Bulfinch Church       725 Main St. Lancaster MA.
Questions?   Email info@theBulfinchFund.org   or call 978-365-5570
$5 admission

About The Bulfinch Fund

The Bulfinch Fund, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation of “The Bulfinch Church” – The Fifth Meeting House, a designated National Historic Landmark standing in Lancaster, Massachusetts since 1816. The Fund’s objectives are to develop resources for the preservation and restoration of this building and to foster recognition of the significance of the 19th century American architect, Charles Bulfinch, through tours and other educational programs, events and publications. The Bulfinch Fund, Inc. is legally separate from any church-related assembly.
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